moving thunar to gtk3

Simon Steinbeiss simon at
Fri Apr 14 22:23:16 CEST 2017

Hi Alex,

that's great!
Please note that Thunar isn't very stable as it is in Gtk2, mostly
threading stuff as far as I can tell.

There are various efforts which have been undertaken by different people,
there is a fairly old but probably ok approach from Nick on
and there are also two (unfinished?) ports on github. So the first job
would be evaluating those efforts and merging them meaningfully.
Furthermore you'll face several design decisions, e.g. regarding custom
widgetry or exo.

Providing your work on github is a good start.

You should definitely join the irc channel though, helps with getting
answers and hopefully guidance at times. Please be patient though, people
aren't always around.


Alex <acs82 at> schrieb am Do., 13. Apr. 2017, 23:52:

> Hi all,
> I would like to start work on moving thunar to gtk3. However I have some
> very basic questions:
> I dont have an account for yet.
> Should I get an account first to be able to generate a branch there?
> Or is it as well fine for you if I fork & provide the result on e.g.
> github ?
> Regarding the right codebase:
> Should I branch the master of git:// ?
> Or should I use some of the (real old) work in process repos as base,
> which are suggested here:
> ?
> [Thunar] Gtk3 porting - preparation step
> <>  *VladimĂ­r
> Chren *
> * --> looks like these patches are not merged into master yet ? Thanks &
> Cheers, Alex *
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