[Thunar] Gtk3 porting - preparation step

Vladimír Chren vlado.chren at inmail.sk
Mon Mar 6 08:54:21 CET 2017

Hello All.

I don't know details about Thunar gtk3 porting status but it looks that
there is no big progress.

Would you be interested in patches solving one preparation step of
porting Thunar to gtk3 according to manual

Chapter "Use accessor functions instead of direct access"

Patches would look mostly like this
 -  GTK_BIN (standard_view)->child
 +  gtk_bin_get_child (GTK_BIN (standard_view))

and like this
 - renderer->is_expanded
 + g_object_get (renderer, "is-expanded", &is_expanded, NULL);

I'll separate each type of change to different patch.

This could be then applied against master (i think) because it's still
gtk2 (2.24.0) and nothing changes functionally. I'll reuse what was
already done and update it to current master.

Patches would be longer but simple to review.

I'm asking first if it's necessary or useful to do it.

Thank you


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