[Xfce-i18n] Considering moving to transifex.com

Nick Schermer nick at xfce.org
Tue Jun 25 20:38:42 CEST 2013

Some status updates:

1) The transifex guys were kind enough to allow me creating hub
projects, I've created one now for the Xfce projects with some test
modules below this. The layout I'm considering is to avoid the high
amount of small 'goodie' projects who only maintain a master branch.

This means it will look like this:

Xfce (hub project to maintain translation teams)
|- Thunar (project)
|   |- master (resource)
|   |- xfce-4-10 (resource)
|- Xfce4-panel (project)
|   |- master (resource)
|   |- xfce-4-10 (resource)
|- < all core projects as real projects with resources for branches>
|- Panel Plugins (project)
|   |- xfce4-eyes-plugin (resource)
|   |- xfce4-netload-plugin (resource)
|   |- xfce4-time-out-plugin (resource)
|   |- xfce4-weather-plugin (resource)
|   |- ....
|- Apps (project)
|   |- Xfce4-terminal (resource)
|   |- Midori (resource)
|   |- ....
|- Thunar Plugins (project)
|   |- ....

Down sides:
- The plugins/apps visually only maintain the master branch. We could
rename to xfce4-eyes-plugin-master, but thats kinda ugly and not
required atm (but possible).
- The stats of those appear in the hub project, not really nice, but
not a huge issue I think.

- Less projects (else we would end up with ~85 projects, which would
be 1,5% of all the projects on transifex.com
- All the teams are handles from 1 place
- You can see all the Xfce-related stats in a single place.

You can see the result at https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/xfce/
(don't ask to join a team, I won't respond)

2) There are also issues, currently the one stopping are the web-hooks
that are partly working. These should be triggered when a translation
is updated so our servers can merge it upstream. Without this we need
to poll each language which probably takes a couple of days each round
;-), so this needs to work reliably. Already contacted the transifex
guys about this.

3) Will lower the translation level to 50%, are requested.

4) No I'm not going to tell each person individually what the problems
are with their translations. After I pushed the translations I'll make
a list which files failed and each of you can fix the problem and
upload it manually (not a lot of work if everyone does its part).

That said, you want to fix it now to avoid problems later?

find /path/to/repos -name "your_locale.po" -exec msgfmt -o /dev/null
--check {} \; 2> ~/stuff_i_should_fix


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