"preferences-desktop-keyboard" icon in xfce4-settings-manager

Stefan Stuhr xfce4devlist at sstuhr.dk
Tue Aug 26 23:31:47 CEST 2008

tir, 26 08 2008 kl. 22:19 +0200, skrev Christian Dywan:
> Hey,
> doesn't seem to helpful to switch to the wrong icon. The only
> reasonable options are imho these:
> a) Try to use the right icon - and register the wrong icon as a fallback
> so it still emits a warning that tells the user to fix their theme.

I don't believe this to be supported by .desktop files.

> b) Deliver an icon with Xfce that you install in hi-color, so there is
> always *something* even though it isn't provided by the theme.

Now, that would be the wrong choice. Suppose that several applications
makes use of the icon in question, and that they all have users
experiencing this problem. Now, if they all were to use this choice,
then they would all try to install icons (more than one size, typically)
to the exact same locations in the hicolor theme. This is a very bad
idea, IMHO.

Really, applications should only install application icons (that is,
icons with the same unique name as the application in question) to
hicolor, for application and icon theme neutral use in .desktop files.

The best way, IMHO, to install and use custom icons is one I remember
seeing once, probably in a GNOME Planet post or some such place. The
idea, as far as I remember it, is to install the custom icons as an icon
theme in $DATADIR/$APPLICATION_NAME/icons/hicolor, and add
$DATADIR/$APPLICATION_NAME/icons/ to the GTK+ icon theme search path

> ciao,
>     Christian


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