scale/expose for xfwm4?

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On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Miek Gieben <miek at> wrote:
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>> > Thanks, but I know of that project, but isn't integration with
>> > xfwm4 a more interesting approach? My question is: is such
>> > integration difficult to do? (If not, I might give it a go
>> > myself)
>> The question is: what advantage do you see in integrating that
>> functionality with xfwm4? I'm using skippy now and then, it could be
>> improved, but it works good enough. Yet I don't see what would make it
>> better if it were part of xfwm4.
> My stance is that the WM is managing the windows and that it
> takes care of window selection (alt+tab for instance).
> Exposé is just another way of selecting your windows.
> I've tried Compiz, but I found i liked metacity and xfwm4 better
> as window managers.
> A bigger (and completely different question) is: Does XFCE
> as a project want to have more bling, or does it want to
> leave that to Compiz? Or could we re-use the plugins for
> Compiz (probably not).

I'm sure you can answer that question yourself...
but let me give you a hint...
1. Currently there is no interest from with the Xfce dev community to
create such a thing...
2. But, no one is holding you back to try to code it yourself and
implement it in xfwm4.
3. If what you've coded is good (speedy, non bloat, clean code, easy
to turn off in case of unwanted), I'm pretty sure ofourdan would
consider it to be taken up in trunk.
4. no Xfce doesn't need or want more bling... but if what you code is
functional and fast i think it could be a candidate to be included...
once upon a time...


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