scale/expose for xfwm4?

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Thu Aug 21 10:36:35 CEST 2008

[ Quoting Christian Dywan in "Re: scale/expose for xfwm4?"... ]
> > >
> > 
> > Thanks, but I know of that project, but isn't integration with
> > xfwm4 a more interesting approach? My question is: is such
> > integration difficult to do? (If not, I might give it a go
> > myself)
> The question is: what advantage do you see in integrating that
> functionality with xfwm4? I'm using skippy now and then, it could be
> improved, but it works good enough. Yet I don't see what would make it
> better if it were part of xfwm4.

My stance is that the WM is managing the windows and that it
takes care of window selection (alt+tab for instance).
Exposé is just another way of selecting your windows.

I've tried Compiz, but I found i liked metacity and xfwm4 better
as window managers. 

A bigger (and completely different question) is: Does XFCE
as a project want to have more bling, or does it want to 
leave that to Compiz? Or could we re-use the plugins for
Compiz (probably not).


 - Miek                                
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