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Ok, thanks for the hint, i will get those scripts and try to merge all 
features in mine, after this maybe it will be included, it shouldn't be an 
hard job...

Alle 09:19, venerdì 29 agosto 2003, K Raghu Prasad ha scritto:
> Hi Willy!
> Nice work. Seems to provide a good interactive session
> for xfce4 installation. I have not tried it myself as
> I am still using rc2 and waiting for 4.0.
> By the way it seems our xfce4 packaging team is not
> finding enough time to integrate such installation
> scripts with massive tarball. Well, it is
> understandable with the amount of work they put on
> this project.
> There were other such scripts too; including one
> of mine. It is a non-intractive bash script, but
> includes ways to pass on individual configuration
> parameters to each package. You can take a look at it
> and if possible include that feature into your own
> script. It is available at
> Another installation script in perl was created by
> Matthew. It is available at
> I think packagers should include one good installation
> script with the massive tarball.
> cheers
> Raghu
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