installation script

K Raghu Prasad raghuprasad at
Fri Aug 29 09:19:10 CEST 2003

Hi Willy!

Nice work. Seems to provide a good interactive session
for xfce4 installation. I have not tried it myself as
I am still using rc2 and waiting for 4.0.

By the way it seems our xfce4 packaging team is not 
finding enough time to integrate such installation 
scripts with massive tarball. Well, it is 
understandable with the amount of work they put on
this project.

There were other such scripts too; including one
of mine. It is a non-intractive bash script, but 
includes ways to pass on individual configuration 
parameters to each package. You can take a look at it 
and if possible include that feature into your own 
script. It is available at

Another installation script in perl was created by
Matthew. It is available at

I think packagers should include one good installation
script with the massive tarball.


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