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Paul Ladouceur tipaul at
Fri Aug 29 23:08:35 CEST 2003

Good work for the installation script! I've just installed the RC3 from it!

There were one glitch: Couldn't do the MD5 check!... Because your using
"md5" command and on my Slackware9 system, it's "md5sum"!!!
I've just changed md5 by md5sum but it seems that the output is different
because it returns me a bad checksum message... (md5sum returns the
checksum + filename,   maybe md5 returns only the checksum?)

And there's a syntax error in a message (during configure, make or make
install... Don't remember)...

ANd the last: A suggestion... Maybe replacing the Going to... By simply
Compiling: ...
Making: ...
Installing: ...

I don't know why but I'm feeling stressed by the Going to... !!! :D
I know, it's your script after all... Just a comment!


> Hash: SHA1
> Ok, thanks for the hint, i will get those scripts and try to merge all
> features in mine, after this maybe it will be included, it shouldn't be
> an  hard job...
> Alle 09:19, venerdì 29 agosto 2003, K Raghu Prasad ha scritto:
>> Hi Willy!
>> Nice work. Seems to provide a good interactive session
>> for xfce4 installation. I have not tried it myself as
>> I am still using rc2 and waiting for 4.0.
>> By the way it seems our xfce4 packaging team is not
>> finding enough time to integrate such installation
>> scripts with massive tarball. Well, it is
>> understandable with the amount of work they put on
>> this project.
>> There were other such scripts too; including one
>> of mine. It is a non-intractive bash script, but
>> includes ways to pass on individual configuration
>> parameters to each package. You can take a look at it
>> and if possible include that feature into your own
>> script. It is available at
>> Another installation script in perl was created by
>> Matthew. It is available at
>> I think packagers should include one good installation
>> script with the massive tarball.
>> cheers
>> Raghu
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