Other things that need to be fixed before RC3

edscott wilson garcia edscott at prodigy.net.mx
Thu Aug 7 15:08:07 CEST 2003

On jue, 2003-08-07 at 05:52, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> On Thu, 07, Aug 2003, Olivier FOURDAN wrote:
> > > That would be nice. I think its no bug in the i18n, but its Olivier
> > > setting the wrong environment variable. 
> > 
> > I did try LANG, LANGUAGE and LC_ALL and it doesn't work whatever I use.
> > 
> > You know, I'm not a purist, I don't care about what is right and what is wrong, but I do care when things don't work right in a common environment.
> You know my policy is "No hacks", and thats IMHO the best policy for
> software development. If a software is broken, you can a) choose to
> add work-arounds to all software that uses the broken software or b)
> just fix the broken software. We follow this with xfce mostly and I
> see no reason to not follow this further. (Atleast we need to figure
> out whats broken here, and not just assume, that a software is
> broken).

Although you are technically correct here, Benny, there is no piece of
software anywhere which is not broken in some way or another. If
workarounds are to be banned you make the software depend on developers
from another project who might care less. This can delay development
indefinitely. If a bug is encountered and a workaround possible and
opted for, the bug should be reported to the developers of the original
software and the workaround removed when there is no more need for it. 

And yes, to do a workaround we need to figure out what's broken here,
and not just assume that a software is broken.

> > In other words, if I select French as the language in the login manager (gdm, kdm, whatever), I expect to get the desktop menu in french, and it doesn't work so it needs to be fixed. 
> > 
> > > LANG=<whatever> can have strange effects. The right way to do things
> > > is to set LC_ALL=de_DE.ISO8859-1 IIRC, and this works fine with i18n.
> > 
> > Nope, not here. Sorry. FYI, the value set by the DM is "fr_FR at UTF8", not "fr_FR.UTF8"
> >
> > > If you could verify that its really due to the wrong env var set, then
> > > we should add a note to the FAQ about this, and makr libxfce4util
> > > ready to release :)
> > 
> > Nope, adding this to the faq is useless. It needs to work out of the box.
> You're the boss, just do whatever you consider to be the right way.

AFAICT, "work out of the box" cannot be anything other than the right



> > Cheers,
> > Olivier.
> Benedikt

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