xfce3rc -> xfce4rc conversion ?

Ric fhj52ads at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 3 09:45:44 CEST 2003

Hey Joe:

--- Joe Klemmer <klemmerj at webtrek.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 22:25, Ric wrote:
> > I am working on the regex to parse the contents of the file that
> are
> > pertinent to using them for the xfc4rc +plus the switcher info but
> > ignoring the rest for now(Jasper's advice).  The Buttons names and
> > Screens count are important because the panel from xfce3 always has
> > "Buttons", now known as "Switcher" and I think that should be input
> > even tho' it is not in the xfce4rc.
> [...]
> > I have not given up on using somebody's OSS to do most/part of the
> job.
> > I found a couple of JAVA programs that might make a web interface
> > possible. As well as a couple of (your fav) PERL programs...
> > testing....
> > 
> > If other options fail, once I get the regex done I am going to
> input
> > them as the "Language" to  code2html  and see what it churns out
> FWLIW I am fairly good with awk so if you would like some help with
> mangling the data I'd be happy to do what I can.  Since the data

Thank you!
As it turns out I finally found a program that, I think, is going to do
the initial transform to XML dirty work but I have to PERL-regex 
everything  The Right Way(TM)  +  add the program's own rules to get it
to do that. The former is not so bad but I have to learn the new rules.
 Not hard, just time consuming.

If you want to look at it and see what it does:

Unless you have a lot of PERL installed, you will need to get a few
things from CPAN to use the program with the GUI. The GUI interface is
Tk but the GUI is not required to use the txt2XML program; well, it is
not required once I get the rules written correctly... :)

I am not complaing tho' 'cause it is surely going to be easier than
starting from scratch.

> essentially has a very ridged layout it shouldn't be to difficult to
> hack it up.  Then you can use a2p to convert it to perl code for use
> with the xml parser or whatever.
> <sidenote>
> I originally learned perl back in the early 90's by writing awk
> scripts
> to do things then running them through a2p.  Perl is a wonderfully
> powerful language but there are time when it's just easier to write 2
> lines of awk than 25 lines of perl.
> </sidenote>

Aha, Agree.  True with many things.  

Rule is:    Always use the right tool for the job.
Catch22:  You have to know which is the correct tool _and_ how to use

Have A Great Day!

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