panel plugin praise

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sat Jul 30 09:19:31 CEST 2005

Erik Harrison wrote:
>>I have been running Xfce4 on my FC3 system for about 9mths now.  Great
>>work, guys.  As with most users, I slowly customised the desktop to suit
>>my preferences, including tinkering with most of the panel plugins a
>>bit.  However, I didn't seriously get stuck into them until very
>>recently and didn't realise the bonus I was missing by not using one in
>>particular: clipboard manager.  Thank you, Eduard Roccatello :-)
>>My enthusiasm is especially high because it solved the _major_
>>irritation I had with my use of evolution email client: evo doesn't
>>integrate with the clipboard very well, to the point that saw me looking
>>for solutions on the evo mail list.  In evo, if you copy a selection of
>>text and then close the mail from which the selection came, the
>>clipboard is purged.
> This isn't evo, exactly. It's by design in X. One could say it's
> broken by design.

Depends on which selection you are talking about. If you are talking 
about PRIMARY, then it'd say, yes it's correct behaviour (and probably 
broken by design). But if you are talking about CLIPBOARD, then I'd say 
it should be fixed in evolution.


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