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Sat Jul 30 10:30:06 CEST 2005

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Gavin Chester wrote:

> My enthusiasm is especially high because it solved the _major_
> irritation I had with my use of evolution email client: evo doesn't
> integrate with the clipboard very well, to the point that saw me looking
> for solutions on the evo mail list.  In evo, if you copy a selection of
> text and then close the mail from which the selection came, the
> clipboard is purged.

There's a nice pseudo-spec written by jwz as to how this is supposed to

In summary:

* The CLIPBOARD selection (e.g., ctrl+c, or Edit->Copy menu item) should
be persistent.  If a user closes a window in an app where something was
selected and copied to CLIPBOARD, this should not be lost.  You paste
from CLIPBOARD explicitly, via something like ctrl+v or an Edit->Paste
menu item.

* The PRIMARY selection (selecting with the mouse) is transient.  As
soon as the text is no longer actually selected (either by selecting
something else or by closing the window), it should disappear.  You
paste from PRIMARY with the middle mouse button.

Soooo... if evo is purging PRIMARY when the window is closed, that's
correct.  If it's purging CLIPBOARD, that's essentially a bug (there's
no real spec for this AFAIK, but for consistency's sake...).  Note that
if evo *exits*, IIRC you lose CLIPBOARD as well because you don't
actually get selection data until you try to paste, and if the app isn't
running anymore, it can't be asked to give selection data.


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