(lite) distro using xfce as main/defualt gui

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 19:16:50 CEST 2005


> There's a distro based on FC3 that installs Xfce out
> of the box called Cobind Desktop[1]. The only
> with FC3 and Cobind is that the latest version of 
> Xfce they package is 4.0.6. If you don't mind using 
> older version of Xfce, it's a good option. It's
> always easy to set up your own yum repo with updated

> Xfce packages (if someone hasn't already 
> done this, which i'm sure they have).

I used Cobind as my last distro mainly so I could take
advantage of the app repositories. Cobind is, however,
in the end, still Fedora. And Fedora is NOT a light
distro. It is small, but not light in my opinion.

>  I run Xfce on Ubuntu and find it a pleasure to use.

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