Shutdown / Reboot Overrides

Kevin Day msu-kday at
Thu Jul 21 21:31:49 CEST 2005

In general, I believe the shutdown and reboot buttons are built into the xfce
programs. (not the system ones, but the right-shutdown or the panel-shutdown).
This system is nicely integrated with sudo, however, I have little or no reason
to use sudo as I setup the sticky bit on /sbin/shutdown and /sbin/halt
(/sbin/reboot is an symlink to /sbin/halt).
I then created a user group called 'admin'.  I chmoded /sbin/{shutdown,halt} to

Any console user in general would get the 'admin' privaledges.
My problem:  I need a way to optionally specify whether or not 'sudo' is to be
used for the shutdown commands.

BTW, If you can point to me where in the source that contains the 'sudo
shutdown' or whatever method used as well as the if (..) then .. ; that
designates to mark unusable the shutdown/reboot options, then I can make a
patch  myself.

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