(lite) distro using xfce as main/defualt gui

Lindsay Holmwood lindsay at holmwood.id.au
Thu Jul 21 18:21:03 CEST 2005

Gavin Chester wrote:

>There are many light-weight distros, and I suggest you check out
>distrowatch.com to see one that would suit you.  On my old PC, I run
>FC3, and find that it's a good distro to choose because it supports Xfce
>out of the box.  When doing your install you can elect to choose your
>packages manually and just put on Xfce, avoiding gnome and kde.  Other
>than that, I've been told that Ubuntu (www.ubuntulinux.org) is good for
>older hardware, but can't speak for whether Xfce comes with it as
>standard.  You could just install it and then go out and get Xfce to
>replace gnome (or whatever) once you have the PC up and running.  HTH.

There's a distro based on FC3 that installs Xfce out of the box called 
Cobind Desktop[1]. The only problem with FC3 and Cobind is that the 
latest version of Xfce they package is 4.0.6. If you don't mind using 
older version of Xfce, it's a good option. It's always easy to set up 
your own yum repo with updated Xfce packages (if someone hasn't already 
done this, which i'm sure they have).

Ubuntu ships Gnome by default, and Kubuntu ships KDE by default. I've 
heard rumours of an Xfce based variant in the works, but right now 
you'll have to install Xfce via apt after you've installed the 
Ubuntu/Kubuntu. I run Xfce on Ubuntu and find it a pleasure to use.


[1] http://cobind.com/

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