(lite) distro using xfce as main/defualt gui

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 18:57:41 CEST 2005


> Depends on how you define 'dead'. I discussed this
> with jdub some time ago and the idea was to import 
> the Xfld packages into Ubuntu (which was 
> done for hoary), and then release a Xubu
> distribution ala Kubuntu based 
> on the packages and the Ubuntu core. Maybe there'll
> also be another Xfld release, but that'll be based
> Xubu then. Anyways, new Xfld releases 
> will only happen for major Xfce releases, as minor
> releases are only bugfix releases.

>From those of us Using XFCE4 on Ubuntu, we salute you.
XFCE4 + Ubuntu works great on my 500Mhz Celeron Box
(probably runs at 350Mhz since it's a Celeron). The
XFCE4 packages are readily available in the
repositories, or you can get them from the standard
Debian repositories if you have the urge. 


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