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Erik Harrison erikharrison at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 04:42:13 CEST 2005

On 7/12/05, paradox <algorist2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I build a lfs 6.0 system, use udev to make device  and
> compile xfce4.0 with gcc 3.4 . everything seems okey
> except that when I open serveal xterm.
> when I open the second,third,or more xterm windows, I
> get a blank screen with a cursor. occassionly I can
> get a normal one.
> In fact, I meet same problem in fvwm, twm in the lfs
> 5.0 system. but at that time halves of the xterm
> windows are normal, halves are blank.
> I google the problem, find someone said they met the
> same problem in the redhat system when they try to
> install udev in the system, their problem are that the
> udev overwrite the devpts system in /dev/pts, but my
> system has the /dev/pts directory and the device node
> /dev/ptmx has the right permission crw-rw-rw.  ps -x
> can saw that each xterm will open two pts slave,the
> first is used by luit, the other is used by a bash
> shell.

Xfce unfortunately doesn't have any control over Xterm. This is very
likely a problem with udev managing /dev/pts right. I got no clue how
to fix it.

Places where both experts could be found, and the question would be topical:

LFS has mailing lists for support here:

Udev is primarily discussed on the Linux Hotplug lists (Where Greg KH
hangs out) which you can join here:

And xterm is maintained by Thomas Dickey, but you can find support on
the X.org lists:


> what's the problem? or can anyone give me some advice
> to debug this problem? i can't get any error messages
> from the system.
> thanks.
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