xterm's problem

paradox algorist2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 04:21:50 CEST 2005

I build a lfs 6.0 system, use udev to make device  and
compile xfce4.0 with gcc 3.4 . everything seems okey
except that when I open serveal xterm.
when I open the second,third,or more xterm windows, I
get a blank screen with a cursor. occassionly I can
get a normal one. 

In fact, I meet same problem in fvwm, twm in the lfs
5.0 system. but at that time halves of the xterm
windows are normal, halves are blank. 

I google the problem, find someone said they met the
same problem in the redhat system when they try to
install udev in the system, their problem are that the
udev overwrite the devpts system in /dev/pts, but my
system has the /dev/pts directory and the device node
/dev/ptmx has the right permission crw-rw-rw.  ps -x
can saw that each xterm will open two pts slave,the
first is used by luit, the other is used by a bash

what's the problem? or can anyone give me some advice
to debug this problem? i can't get any error messages
from the system.



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