Biju Chacko botsie at xfce.org
Thu Jul 7 11:29:28 CEST 2005

Svein Halvor Halvorsen wrote:
> Is there any particular reason that xfce has been designes this way, or 
> haven't this been an issue before? Do you think that my proposed behaviour 
> could probably get into Xfce 4.4? That is: to make mcs-plugin look for 
> files in some centrally stored dir, before overriding with the users own 
> settings? And to also not save the users settings in his own home dir 
> unless different from the default?

IIRC, there used to be a lot of code in many places to have centralised 
defaults. I guess it wasn't very consistent and has bitrotted. I'd 
suggest that you actually test all the modules for this.

I suspect that it's because nobody has really pushed for this kind of 

I'd suggest that you file bug reports on this. *Not* working in the way 
you describe is definitely broken.

-- b

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