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Per Kongstad p_kongstad at op.pl
Wed Oct 28 08:12:46 CET 2009

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Og Maciel wrote:


I was the one original reporting this issue and commenting.
> Hi there,
> I was wondering if you guys could go over the issue once again just so
> that I can fully understand it? What I understood was that apps-master
> was showing up as 99% translated for the Danish team but the overall
> collection for Danish was 100%? Is that the case? If so we (Transifex)
> then need to verify where the logistics for calculating and updating
> stats so that we don't have discrepancies like this.
- From a translators point of view, I cannot recreate this issue as this
must be related to automated updates.
So to rectify someone needs to look into log for finding the error.
Standard translators have no access to this.
In the case of Danish translation the 99 % seem to me to be calculated
based on the .pot file(s) compared to the
actual translated strings.
When it came to the individual translations 100 % they seem to be
translated based on strings in the .po file.
To resolve the issue I had manually to manipulate the file merging
with the .pot file. I checked though a few other
languages and they had the right numbers of strings.
>>> This way as it is working right now is time consuming for translators.
> I'm sorry but how is this time consuming? Don't get me wrong, I'm a
> translator myself and understand how important it is to have accurate
> statistics, but this investigation (thanks by the way for doing it)
> couldn't have taken you more than 5 minutes perhaps? Dimitris and the
> Transifex guys will gladly fix whatever issue we throw at them, so the
> sooner we provide them a good way to reproduce the issue, the sooner
> it will get fixed for sure. :)
Well I spent considerably more than 5 minutes, before I found the
discrepancy. But that must be because I'm
bad in finding mistakes :(. I did what I should. Reported the error to
this mailing list in the hope that someone
would look behind the scenes for finding the error. Waited a few day's
and then updated the file. There were
zero reaction and investigation.
However how much I would like to report the issue I cannot feed you
with more information than what I already
have done earlier and above.

The comment above is also related to the #325 which is planned to be
in milestone 9. Please have a look at it on transifex.net. To add
the solution to milestone 8 shouldn't be a big issue. I have raised
the issue also here on this list with a solution to no avail.
"We are not going to hack on Transifex" was the reply.
On the Xfce project we have several applications with no translatable
string and they are still shown in the bottom for missing translation.

My point is just that a translator most likely just want to have a
reliable system without having to know how it is working.
If you cannot have trust in the system and zero reaction for taking
care of them I'm pretty sure that many will just give up.
I'm starting to think this way myself.
> Cheers,
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