[Xfce-i18n] Update Romanian translation for Xfce 4.2

Daichi Kawahata daichi at xfce.org
Tue Oct 11 12:17:54 CEST 2005

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 21:12:28 +0000
Mişu Moldovan wrote:

> Hi all,

> 4.2.3 release seemed dangerously close to me (especially that I
> have no idea when it will happen... will it be pre-announced for
> translators somewhere?),

I don't know exactly on that either, and there's no announcement
yet, if Olivier or release manager will give schedule, I'll post
it here.

> I've also replaced my old dumol at go.ro address (no longer working  
> properly) with the new dumol at gnome.ro address in all files. This
> means I have also touched files handled by other translators.

I've committed your patch except that, that's my current concern on
4.2.3 release exactly. See attached patch and if AUTHOR file will be
changed properly, I can change rest of all. At least here we can
discuss, check, as far as translators are concerned, however if it
was related with developer, contributor, it seems to hard to change
properly without cooperation with developers.

Although once Jean-François told me listed translators should be
those who have contributed to 4.2.x, but at the same time there're
languages which have no translator, just being in `maintenance mode'
by me, and I'd like to add only one last translators in that files
even if his/her responsible period was in 2003 or for 4.0 release.

In contrast, if it's already a responsible translator there, previous
translator will be removed like in Finnish, but I'm not sure how
it should be treated if a language has many translators in this
year like Polish.

> The update is a single unified patch, if you want me to break it in  
> pieces, just let me know. Please commit it to the 4.2 branch of Xfce.

Personally, I prefer single patch, but if you'll keep giving it from
now on, please get the source tree with the given script from


in which you'll need to replace `https://' with `http://', then create
your patch with `svn diff', that great helps.


Language Codes: http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/IG/ert/iso639.htm
Country Codes: http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/http/related/iso3166.txt
-------------- next part --------------
--- AUTHORS	(revision 18198)
+++ AUTHORS	(working copy)
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
 Project lead
   Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org>
 Core developers
   Benedikt Meurer <benny at xfce.org>
-  Biju Chacko <botsie at myrealbox.com>
-  Brian Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu>
-  Danny Milosavljevic <danny_milo at yahoo.com>
-  Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at imp.mx>
+  Biju Chacko <botsie at xfce.org>
+  Brian Tarricone <kelnos at xfce.org>
+  Danny Milosavljevic <dannym at xfce.org>
+  Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at xfce.org>
   Eduard Roccatello <eduard at xfce.org>
   François Le Clainche <fleclainche at wanadoo.fr>
   Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at xfce.org>
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
   Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org>
-  Bernhard Walle <Bernhard.Walle at gmx.de> 
+  Bernhard Walle <Bernhard.Walle at gmx.de>
   Craig Betts <craig.betts at dfrc.nasa.gov>
   Ejvend Nielsen <prophet at sphere-x.net>
   Erik Touve <etouve at earthlink.net>
@@ -34,47 +34,55 @@
   af : Petri Jooste <petri.jooste at gmail.com>
+  ar : Saleh Alhathal <hathalsal at hotmail.com>
   az : Metin Amiroff <metin at karegen.com>
   be : Ales Nyakhaychyk <nab at mail.by>
+  bg : Miroslav Yordanov <miordanov at i-space.org>
   bn_IN : Runa Bhattacharjee <runabh at gmail.com>
+  ca : Pau Rul·lan Ferragut <paurullan at bulma.net>
   cs : Alois Nespor <Alois.Nespor at seznam.cz>
   da : Jesper Berth <big at santaz.dk>
   de : Moritz Heiber <moe at xfce.org>
-  el_GR : Stavros Giannouris <StavrosG2002 at freemail.gr>
+  el : Stavros Giannouris <StavrosG2002 at freemail.gr>
   en_GB : Dwayne Bailey <dwayne at translate.org.za>
+  eo : Sylvain Vedrenne <sylvain.vedrenne at free.fr>
   es : Jaime Buffery <nestu at lunar-linux.org>
-  es_MX : Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at imp.mx>
-  et : Peeter Vois <peeter.vois at proekspert.ee>
-       Mart Tõnso (et) <Mart.Tonso at ttu.ee>
+  es_MX : Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at xfce.org>
+  et : Mart Tõnso <Mart.Tonso at ttu.ee>
   eu : Piarres Beobide Egaña <pi at beobide.net>
   fa : Abbas Izad <abbasizad at hotmail.com>
-  fi : Ilkka Ollakka <ilkka.j.ollakka at students.oamk.fi>
-       Juha Kautto <kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi>
-  fr : Mickal Graf <korbinus at linux.se>
-       Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org>
-       Jean-François Wauthy <pollux at xfce.org>
-  gu : Ankit Patel <ankit at redhat.com>
-  hi : Ravi Shrivastava <raviratlami at yahoo.com>
+  fi : Jari Rahkonen <jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi>
+  fr : Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org>
+  gu : Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel <ankit at redhat.com>
+  hi : Ravishankar Shrivastava <raviratlami at yahoo.com>
   he : Dotan Kamber <kamberd at yahoo.com>
-       Jonatan Perry <Jonatan443 at walla.co.il>
        Yuval Tanny <tanai at int.gov.il>
   hu : Szervác Attila <sas at 321.hu>
-  hy : Asprayama N <asprayama at yahoo.com>
+  hy : Norayr Chilingaryan <norik at oric.org>
   it : Alex Dupre <ale at FreeBSD.org>
+       Gabriele Modena <rnd at email.it>
        Luca Marrocco <buildup at liber.it>
-  ja : Daichi Kawahata <daichi.k at aioros.ocn.ne.jp>
-  ko : ByungHyun Choi<byunghyun.choi at gmail.com>
+  ja : Daichi Kawahata <daichi at xfce.org>
+  ko : ByungHyun Choi <byunghyun.choi at gmail.com>
+  ku : Erdal Ronahi <erdal.ronahi at gmail.com>
   lt : Mantas Zapolskas <mantaz at users.sf.net>
        Rimas Kudelis <rq at akl.lt>
   mr : Pallavi Nikam <pallavi_edu at rediffmail.com>
+  ms : Harun Musa <mharun at gmx.net>
   nb_NO : Eskild Hustvedt <zerodogg at skolelinux.no>
   nl : Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at xfce.org>
-  pa : Amanpreet Singh Alam <aalam at redhat.com>
+  pa : Jaswinder Singh Phulewala <jaswinderphulewala at yahoo.com>
+  pl : Marek Piechut <mco at o2.pl>
+       Piotr Maliński <admin at rk.edu.pl>
+       Wit Wiliński <wit.wilinski at gmail.com>
   pt_BR : Felix da Silva Costa <felix at online.eti.br>
+          Tomas Schertel <tschertel at gmail.com>
   pt_PT : Nuno Donato <nunodonato at zmail.pt>
-  ro : Mişu Moldovan <dumol at go.ro>
+  ro : Mişu Moldovan <dumol at gnome.ro>
   ru : Anthony Ivanoff <a-i at bk.ru>
-  sk : Juraj Brosz <Juraj.Brosz at pobox.sk>
+  sk : Juraj Brosz <juro at jurajbrosz.info>
+  sv : Alexander Toresson <alexander.toresson at gmail.com>
+       Magnus Berg <berg.magnus at bredband.net>
   ta : Dinesh Nadarajah <dinesh_list at sbcglobal.net>
   tr : Erçin EKER <erc.caldera at gmx.net>
   uk : Maxim V. Dziumanenko <mvd at mylinux.com.ua>

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