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Jerry Bond stormyjerry at
Tue Sep 3 22:29:44 CEST 2019

Hi Devs --

First, a quick congrats on getting 4.14 out the door! We're in the 
process of incorporating it into the mechanism and documentation of 
MX-19, which will be released as a Beta 2 at the end of this week.
We receive donations and, since we're not an entity of any kind (not 
yet, at least), we want and need to spend the money in a reasonable 
manner. One of the ways that seems interesting to us is to set bounties 
for certain Xfce projects to accelerate their completion.

We have our own pet concerns, of course. I recently posted an 
enhancement bug report for Preferred Applications 
( looking for a third 
tab "Media" where the user could specify music and video apps. The music 
one in particular is frequently requested by our users.

But we imagine that you might have a short list of your own, and would 
like to help with those items where possible. Perhaps you have somewhere 
a list of your top interests that we could look at. Our donations are 
nowhere near the level of the big distros, of course, but we might still 
be able to contribute.

Interested in your reactions...thanks.

Project Manager
MX Linux

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