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Alex acs82 at
Thu Sep 5 00:05:44 CEST 2019

Hi Jerry,

thanks, would be great to have more donations !

Afaik we dont have a shared list of top "wanted features".
I have a private list for the components I work on .. but I guess it
would be a bit selfish to put it here :-)

So I think it would be best to put the donation on the feature you miss
the most yourself / the bug which annoys you the most !

(Or put it on the project itself, so we can use it e.g. for travel expanses)

Thanks & Cheers,
Alexander Schwinn

Am 03.09.19 um 22:29 schrieb Jerry Bond:
> Hi Devs --
> First, a quick congrats on getting 4.14 out the door! We're in the
> process of incorporating it into the mechanism and documentation of
> MX-19, which will be released as a Beta 2 at the end of this week.
> -----------
> We receive donations and, since we're not an entity of any kind (not
> yet, at least), we want and need to spend the money in a reasonable
> manner. One of the ways that seems interesting to us is to set
> bounties for certain Xfce projects to accelerate their completion.
> We have our own pet concerns, of course. I recently posted an
> enhancement bug report for Preferred Applications
> ( looking for a third
> tab "Media" where the user could specify music and video apps. The
> music one in particular is frequently requested by our users.
> But we imagine that you might have a short list of your own, and would
> like to help with those items where possible. Perhaps you have
> somewhere a list of your top interests that we could look at. Our
> donations are nowhere near the level of the big distros, of course,
> but we might still be able to contribute.
> Interested in your reactions...thanks.
> Jerry
> Project Manager
> MX Linux
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