Odp: Power Manager cleanup

cosiekvfj cosiekvfj at o2.pl
Sat Mar 30 14:40:59 CET 2019

Hi, Alex.  thank you for your sugestions.   Here is my cloned repo:   github.com github.com   For now only cleanup and style changes. If you are ok with them then I will think about next steps.   Cheers,  Kacper  Dnia 29 marca 2019 23:22 Alex <acs82 at gmx.de> napisał(a):  Hi,   thanks for your effort.   It would be good to have many small
      commits, each doing a single cleanup step, instead of one giant
      commit.   Specially exchanging methods (
      xfconf_channel_new / xfconf_channel_get ) IMO should happen in a
      dedicated commit.  Reading the doc, I would agree that the channel
      does not need to be released, since it is not mentioned, like in
      xfconf_channel_new.  "The reference
        count of the returned channel is owned by libxfconf." ... so I
        guess  libxfconf will free the object when
          the refcount reaches zero.   Since we dont have gitlab yet, it would
      be nice if you could upload your power-manager branch on your
      personal e.g. gitlab/github/others account, so that we can put
      comments on specific lines.   Cheers,  Alex   ______________________________  Xfce4-dev mailing list   Xfce4-dev at xfce.org  mail.xfce.org mail.xfce.org
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