Retire Xfce4-indicator-plugin

Mark Trompell m__t at
Tue Aug 13 11:27:06 CEST 2019

Am 13. August 2019 08:58:16 MESZ schrieb Simon Steinbeiss <simon at>:
>Hi Mark,

>we also considered retiring it, but there are some use-cases the
>statusnotifier plugin doesn't cover, namely Ubuntu's custom indicators
>(indicator-sound, indicator-messages,..).
>That's why we kept it alive so far.

I looked at some old bug reports and closed them or set them on need info if I couldn't reproduce the issue because I'm on fedora ATM and couldn't find any indicators to run with the plugin.

>Mark Trompell <m__t at> schrieb am Mo., 12. Aug. 2019, 21:44:
>> In the old times I created that plugin to use Ubuntus indicators in
>> which we used in foresight Linux at that time. A lot of time is gone
>by and
>> the plugin isn't really maintained any more. I don't use any of that
>> anymore myself. Shouldn't we retire this plugin. As I read there is
>even a
>> maintained alternative.
>> Regards
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