[xfce4-terminal] Large delay in prompt echoing after completion of a command which runs inside a tmux session

Daniel Fishman quantera at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 12:05:15 CEST 2017

I encountered an issue which occurs when tmux is used on xfce4-terminal
but doesn't occur on xfce4-terminal alone or when tmux is used on other
terminals (like konsole, xterm or gnome-terminal). Since the problem
occurs only in a combination with tmux, I reported it to tmux's developer
(see https://github.com/tmux/tmux/issues/1089), but according to the results
of his investigation it seems that tmux behaves as expected, and there
is no indication that the problem is in the tmux.

In addition, the problem is hard to reproduce since it occurs only on
a 32-bit machine, and most people don't have such machines any more.

Therefore, I cannot really report the problem as xfce4-terminal's bug,
but maybe somebody on the list may have an idea what is the reason for
the problem or what can I do to investigate it enough for a bug report
(if indeed the problem is related to xfce4-terminal).

Basically, all the fine details of a problem (including the relevant logs)
are available in github's issue report (see the link above), but the
gist of the issue is as follows:

When some short cli command is ran in tmux session on xfce4-terminal,
then after a command completes the prompt is not echoed back immediately,
but there is a delay of 30-60 seconds between command's completion and
prompt's echoing, making it seem as though the command is still running.
If during this interval (after the command really completes but before the
prompt is echoed) you press any key, then the prompt is immediately

 From Nicholas' (who is the tmux developer) investigation it seems as though
the tmux itself writes the prompt as soon as the command completes, but the
terminal still doesn't show it.

Does this problem rings any bells?

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