Infrastructure Upgrades/Changes: Git(ea)

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Mon Oct 9 04:17:38 CEST 2017

On 2017-10-08 06:51 PM, André Miranda wrote:
> GitHub is awesome, I really enjoy using it, but being proprietary is a 
> no-go for a FLOSS project such as Xfce, 

Github releases lots of their code as open source, but you can't 
"install their whole business" locally, no.

Loads of FLOSS projects are completely fine, and rather thrive on 
Github. Unlimited free hosting for open source projects with lots of 
useful features, IMO, is rather nice.

To be clear, I'm not advocating for Xfce switching to Github, I'm just 
pointing out that it's purely a political/ethical/emotional decision 
rather than a technical/user-centric one. Personally I lean towards 
pragmatism rather than having a strong political stance, but I can 
appreciate that some people are more passionate about this than I am.

Matthew Brush

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