Infrastructure Upgrades/Changes: Git(ea)

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Mon Oct 9 01:27:03 CEST 2017

On 2017-10-08 03:05 PM, Vinzenz Vietzke wrote:
> Am 08.10.2017 um 23:39 schrieb Ambrose LI:
>> I don't feel there's anything wrong with Github's TOS (but if the new
>> TOS really is problematic I'd like to be corrected). It basically just
>> means they're interpreting "displaying copyrighted content on a
>> website" as a kind of derivative work, and therefore a license grant
>> is needed. Pretty much the same reason why all the big websites
>> include similar wording in their TOS.
>> I don't like such TOS's either, but I can understand where they're coming from.
> I don't think there is something wrong with Github's TOS in general but
> more with their system of pull requests, the comments on issues and
> commit history which can't be easily extracted when things "get rough".
> [...]

You can get at most everything through:

For example:

Commit history is in the Git repos, of course.

It's probably easier to backup/leave Github than most project hosting 
sites, even self-hosted ones.

Matthew Brush

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