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Vinzenz Vietzke vinz at
Mon Oct 9 00:05:50 CEST 2017

Am 08.10.2017 um 23:39 schrieb Ambrose LI:
> I don't feel there's anything wrong with Github's TOS (but if the new
> TOS really is problematic I'd like to be corrected). It basically just
> means they're interpreting "displaying copyrighted content on a
> website" as a kind of derivative work, and therefore a license grant
> is needed. Pretty much the same reason why all the big websites
> include similar wording in their TOS.
> I don't like such TOS's either, but I can understand where they're coming from.

I don't think there is something wrong with Github's TOS in general but
more with their system of pull requests, the comments on issues and
commit history which can't be easily extracted when things "get rough".
And moving crucial infrastructure around out of the blue is a thing that
should be avoided at all cost.
Of course one could deactivate pull requests for repositories, issue
reporting etc. But that makes the use of Github kinda pointless.

Furthermore as long as you don't pay for a Github account you have to
expect rough times as you're dependent on the good will of a corporation
needing to make money. Not doing so would be just negligent.

As a side effect I think a proprietary solution like Github shouldn't be
promoted (or at least: encouraged) by using it for a FLOSS project.
Might sound a bit pathetic but Xfce is a bit of a role model here.


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