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Simon Steinbeiss simon at xfce.org
Thu Feb 9 23:17:32 CET 2017

Hi Francesco,

yes, 0-feature was the goal for the core components at least. As you can
see from some of the Xfce apps I've worked on recently I wouldn't extend it
to those (e.g. notifyd has seen some bigger features). Anyhow, only certain
core components are bound to the overall Xfce release cycle (not even
power-manager, even though it's in the core section, is part if it).

Also the longer the process of porting and getting to a releasable 4.14
takes we'll see whether the maintainers won't decide to also take advantage
of features of the new toolkit at least.
Finally I don't consider the 0-feature statement a strict rule or a dogma
but a best practice to get to 4.14 quickly and in the most stable way.

Just my 2 cents,

On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 10:34 PM Francesco Pasa <francescopasa at gmail.com>

> I put back the original title, sorry for the mess.
> Thanks to everybody for the help!
> @André Very well for the progress on xfce4-screenshooter! Maybe you could
> also update the wiki entry, so that we know it has been done (or is in
> progress) and who is in charge?
> I see the list of plugins in the wiki... it seems most important plugins
> have already been done or are in progress. There is a link to a huge list
> of plugins, some of which I guess need porting to GTK3. Any idea of where
> to start, how to check what is the plugin status?
> I have collected some ideas as to what could be improved UX wise, if you're
> interested to discuss it let me know.
> Wasn't 4.14 meant to be a "0-feature" release?
> Cheers,
> Francesco
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