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Alex acs82 at gmx.de
Wed Feb 8 10:03:09 CET 2017

Hi Francesco,

these days not much happens on the "thunar-dev" mailing-list. (ca. 1
mail per month) Most things are discussed on "xfce4-dev".

I am new to the xfce4 community myself, however regarding Thunar the
first thing to achieve probably is to get the gtk3 port finished. The
whole xfce4 stack currently moves from gtk2 to gtk3. Thunar is probably
one of the bigger junks to be moved.
There is already some ongoing development on it, but it seems like the
port still is experimental:

I dont know the current state .. best directly talk to the dev's which
work on thunar and exo, and ask them where you can help.
If you dont have experience with gtk, it probably makes sense to first
move some smaller xfce4 projects to gtk3 to get used to it! ( There used
to be some list of projects to be moved, but I dont know where it can be
found )
CC to xfce4 dev ... please correct me if I am wrong!


On 07.02.2017 14:08, Francesco Pasa wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a student and long time user of XFCE (since about 2007). I'd like
> to become a member of the Thunar development team, if possible. I
> never contributed to a open source project, so some orientation would
> be helpful. To make it concrete:
>   * It there a procedure to become a member of the team?
>   * Is Thunar actively maintained and developed?
>   * In case, how should I start?
> Thanks in advance,
> Francesco
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