PSA: available over https

Landry Breuil landry at
Sat Dec 16 13:04:54 CET 2017


so i've looked again at our apache config for, and
after fighting a bit with mirrorbrain, moka, apache and letsencrypt,
i'm pleased to announce that is available
for public use.

the release manager sending the announce mails have been tweaked too so
that https:// links are used in mail templates (this will be confirmed
the next time someone does a release :)

if distros are still using url in their config,
they're advised to move to so that we can
retire the old vhost.

note that HSTS isn't enabled on so the archive
is still available over http for now. Maybe we'll reconsider it at some

mirrorbrain (the software running the mirroring setup) should cope with
the change, a single patch from the slackware folks was applied to it:

The current list of mirrors is the following:

thanks to them!

mirror operators, if you want you can try setting up your mirror
instance to https - maybe some adaptations have to be done on our side
too .. :)

please let us know of any weird behaviour encountered. Yes, i know the
header links are plain http://, i'm looking into it :)


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