Bugzilla group memberships and product component editing permissions

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Sun Dec 10 22:39:06 CET 2017

Hello Xfce people,

another Xfce infra cleanup task is done: the very granular group 
structure is now gone.

In the past, all products had a group linked to them. People in this 
group were able to edit all bug related things but also the components 
for the product. In this context components mean things like versions.

After this cleanup, there is no product-specific groups any more. 
Instead there is just one group which grants permissions for editing 
bugs and components for all products. This means if you are one of those 
people, you just got a bit more freedom. But with freedom comes 
responsibility: don't be an idiot. (I'm sure nobody needs me to say 
that, but just in case...)

Not *all* of the people who ever had these permissions are automatically 
migrated to this new group.

Essentially, if you have logged in to Bugzilla in 2017, you should have 
the permissions. If not, you are temporarily taken away these 
permissions. If you suddenly become active in Xfce, simply ask one of 
the friendly infra admins to add you those permissions.

In case of any questions or issues, feel free to reply to this thread.


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