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Thu Oct 13 22:10:27 CEST 2016

Hi everyone,

sorry for joining this discussion a little late, but I was on a conference
and travelling.

The foundation was never founded and the "founding documents" so to speak
have expired, plus the people originally wanting to form the foundation are

In its place we have bountysource.com, through which we can either receive
donations as a team - this is money that we can spend on whatever we want -
or people can post bounties on bugs specifically.

Currently our balance is around 3k€. My plan - I have discussed this with
some members of the development community over time, but there's no final
proposal/decision - was to organise a Hackfest somewhere in Europe (where
most of us are based atm).
However we can also withdraw some money for community initiatives like
booths at conferences.

And finally - this is just my personal opinion - we don't have a tradition
of putting anyone's logo on our website. We didn't even do that for
bountysource, despite the fact that they donated some money towards us as a
team. So I'd be cautious about that, unless we decide this is how we wanna
raise money for Xfce (presuming we need it for something).

Either way, I think it's great if people go to conferences and represent
Xfce, it's not like we're super visible compared to other DEs (despite the
fact that we have a lot of users, I saw many of them on Linux Embedded
these last days). Maybe it'll help to lure in contributors, maybe it'll
just be a nice sign of life.


Enrico Tröger <enrico at xfce.org> schrieb am Di., 11. Okt. 2016, 21:00:

> Hi,
> > Well, sponsoring of a free software project is a sensible matter IMHO,
> > so I am a bit wary.
> >
> > To me, sponsoring xfce would be getting paid to work on xfce core or
> > contributing financially either for the infrastructure or live events
> > of xfce developers (like a hackfest).
> >
> > I am not sure I am willing to accept a company logo on the website for
> > limited events that doesn't really benefit the project itself, unless
> > I am missing something.
> It has benefits for the project itself:
> first of all, as Silvio pointed out, what we are doing helps the users
> of Xfce. It's quite common that users come to the booth and bring their
> problems and/or questions with hoping to get some support.
> These are sometimes also people who don't know communication channels
> like IRC or mailing lists exist or even doesn't speak English well
> enough to ask there (or they think they don't).
> So, there is no direct benefit here but it helps the users which I would
> consider part of the community.
> A direct benefit is people sometimes create bug reports after we
> debugged some problem or we create the bug reports for them in case they
> don't want or can't do it on their own.
> You asked for some report of the last event (I'm writing this mail in
> the train on the way back from Prague), some time ago I wrote some kind
> of report for our work in Germany. IIRC we are running booths for Xfce
> since 2010 on all of the bigger FOSS events in Germany and since three
> or four years also in Prague.
> https://www.pending.io/presenting-xfce-and-geany-on-conferences/
> Until now, almost all of the material we use as well as travelling
> expenses we paid on our own. This is OK but if we had the chance to get
> something back, it's at least worth a discussion.
> I'm also not completely sure yet whether this is a good idea but it
> could help a lot.
> Even better would be to have the foundation running so we could also
> accept donations and use that money for such things.
> Does anyone know how is the status of the foundation?
> Regards,
> Enrico
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