Force 2 rows in systray?

Jerry Bond stormyjerry at
Mon Oct 26 14:29:04 CET 2015

Hi Devs --

At MX Linux ( we are currently in the last alpha testing 
stage of MX-15, We are using Xfce 4.12 with our variant of greybird (3px 
borders, modded Whisker menu) as the default theme. I would like to ask 
whether it is possible to force the appearance of 2 rows in the systray. 
ToZ on the Forum indicated there was no way he knew of, and that such an 
item was already on the Wishlist:


Many of our users have noted that on smaller displays such as the ones 
notebooks have, the systray ends up taking a relative large percentage 
of the small amount of available Panel real estate. Furthermore, when 
the systray icons are strung out in a single row, others comment that it 
actually looks like we have just been sloppy in matching our icons to 
each other. The only way I have found to get two rows is to drop the 
icon size, which can go as low 15 before that kicks in and is nearly 
illegible on smaller displays.

We are wondering if there is any way to force 2 rows despite the pitch 
of the icons or the individual hardware. I looked through the gtk-2.0 
code for greybird, but do not really understand it in any depth and was 
unable to find any relevant code.



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