Need help?

Filipp Andjelo filipp.andjelo at
Sun May 10 13:05:30 CEST 2015

Hi guys,

first of all, I'm a happy user of XFCE for a long time, thank you all 
for your effort. However, any software contains bugs and in the open 
source world help is usually appreciated. I heard, that XFCE community 
needs it and found two small, but annoying bugs to start with. I 
analyzed the problems, supplied patches in bugzilla (please see #10331 
and #11742), notified this in the IRC xfce-dev, but nobody, really 
nobody is interested in it. How can that be?! Do you need help or not? 
This was just a trial, but I'm probably able to fix more stuff, however 
after such experience  nobody would like to do anything. I'd like not to 
imagine how many helpers went after such treatment already, but I still 
want to know, is anybody here really interested in help? Until now, the 
only answer I got, was to fork XFCE for myself and play alone, but I 
don't think this is the way open source is meant to be... otherwise I 
just see a deadend for  this wonderful peace of software.


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