Clock and Datetime plugin merge

Andrzej ndrwrdck at
Mon Mar 9 10:11:42 CET 2015

On 09/03/15 02:02, André Miranda wrote:
> As I have already proposed the merge of datetime and clock plugin on
> #xfce-dev, here is a comparison between them:
> What only clock has:
> - Timezone field
> - Multiple layouts:
>    - Digital, same as datetime
>    - Analog
>    - Binary
>    - Fuzzy
>    - LCD

If you want to reduce maintenance burden, drop binary, fuzzy and LCD. 
They are all there only mostly "because we can" and IMHO are just bloat.

> What only datetime has:
> - Display date
> - Set font

Try the following custom formats:

%a, %d/%m%n<b>%H:%M</b>
<small>DE: %H:%M (%a)</small>

More details about formatting commands:

Some features (e.g. font_face) don't seem to work here but overall the 
capabilities are pretty good.

 > What both lack:
 > - Set color(bug #9487)

Available in the clock plugin via custom formats.

 > - Update time immediately after resume(bug #9785)

Currently an update is forced once per minute and afaik there is no an 
easy way to change it without waking up the plugin more often. An easy 
workaround is to include seconds in the clock format.


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