Establishing GTK3 port "rules" (and some q.s)

Harald Judt h.judt at
Fri Feb 20 18:21:32 CET 2015

Am 20.02.2015 um 18:12 schrieb ikey:
> So presenting the gtk 2.24 image menu item isn't much use here.
> But I agree, in essence its really not difficult to provide a
> replacement image menu item for the porting process.
> If it makes 1:1 porting easier, then fine (most likely YES)
> However, the comment about stock items stand, they're not to
> be used at all.
> So what's needed is an xfce image menu item replacement, which
> *correctly* integrates.. and uses GtkImage internally, and does
> not allow stock usage.
> Either way.. this does not need to degrade into a fight about desktops.
> Might I also add LXDE is Qt, Unity is Qt with its own GUI toolkit, and
> MATE is in-between-lands as well as specifically existing as a fork
> of GNOME2, thus none relate to the context of porting XFCE to GTK3
> at all.

Yeah, really I didn't intend to start a fight. I only wanted to say that
just because one desktop env decides to do one thing, that doesn't mean
the other needs to decide to follow in every aspect.

> Simple simple question: Do people still need an image menu item?
> From responses it looks like we should provide something for
> compatibility for now. Doesn't need to be anymore complicated than
> this.

Is more involved than simply extracting the GTK_STOCK icon list
definition? It could still be replaced later, or maybe be removed if


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