Establishing GTK3 port "rules" (and some q.s)

ikey ikey at
Fri Feb 20 18:22:38 CET 2015

On 20/02/15 17:21, Harald Judt wrote:
> Am 20.02.2015 um 18:12 schrieb ikey:
>> So presenting the gtk 2.24 image menu item isn't much use here.
>> But I agree, in essence its really not difficult to provide a
>> replacement image menu item for the porting process.
>> If it makes 1:1 porting easier, then fine (most likely YES)
>> However, the comment about stock items stand, they're not to
>> be used at all.
>> So what's needed is an xfce image menu item replacement, which
>> *correctly* integrates.. and uses GtkImage internally, and does
>> not allow stock usage.
>> Either way.. this does not need to degrade into a fight about desktops.
>> Might I also add LXDE is Qt, Unity is Qt with its own GUI toolkit, and
>> MATE is in-between-lands as well as specifically existing as a fork
>> of GNOME2, thus none relate to the context of porting XFCE to GTK3
>> at all.
> Yeah, really I didn't intend to start a fight. I only wanted to say that
> just because one desktop env decides to do one thing, that doesn't mean
> the other needs to decide to follow in every aspect.

S'all good, sometimes its hard to avoid these things. However I'd rather
we crunched on with the technical aspects and just knock this one out of
the park.

>> Simple simple question: Do people still need an image menu item?
>>  From responses it looks like we should provide something for
>> compatibility for now. Doesn't need to be anymore complicated than
>> this.
> Is more involved than simply extracting the GTK_STOCK icon list
> definition? It could still be replaced later, or maybe be removed if
> necessary.
> Harald
Hmm, lets please not go down this road. GTK_STOCK is evil for a reason.
1) Fixed internal translations inside GTK that are rarely, if ever,
1:1 mapping. Secondly there are a limited number of not very useful
GTK_STOCK icons, which are 99% of the time more  easily represented
in an icon theme. Also remember with named icons (freedesktop standard,
btw.) these not only update with the icon theme, but -symbolc variants
can alter with the *GTK theme* - offering greater UI consistency.

Lastly, there are far more "normal" icons than GTK_STOCK variants. I
feel its in the best interests to actually just **embrace** them. Let's
not dig a hole for ourselves here.


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