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On 18/02/15 14:28, Steve Dodier-Lazaro wrote:
> Hey Ikey,
Hi =)
> Nice to see you posting here! I think the generally agreed upon position
> of the team* is that yes, Xfce will be ported to GTK+3. We don't have a
> roadmap and clearly delineated list of tasks right now since we're
> focusing on releasing 4.12. Some apps and plugins are ported, though.

Awesome, yeah trying to focus on a different ABI/API while also focusing
on stable... Mm.

> Do we need help? YES! The project has been going on much smoother in the
> past few months, but the task is pretty big and having more experienced
> developers would be very helpful indeed! Feel free to come chat with us
> on #xfce-dev, too!

I'll drop in after lunch :D Poking G+ to see who would be interested in
joining me with doing this, but I think the best way to get this done
would be for myself to mirror all the xfce repos under a codename on
GitHub (xfce5? :P) to do all of the patchwork and handling, and once
its all ready then I can have them rebased and sent to the the XFCE
project. Major advantage being its a non-distraction to the continued
development of the main 4.x series and won't interfere in any way.

> Cheers,
> *Conflict of interests disclaimer: I personally would prefer Qt, but
> will go with the flow of the team. :-) I also don't pretend to be
> speaking in the name of everyone, but I expect a lot will agree that
> GTK+3 is the way to go.

But GTK is so purty ! =) In fact later on down the road there are things
in the GNOME 3.16 stack which would be invaluable to the XFCE project,
such as auto pointers (gcc/clang __attribute__ based) which will really
be nice. With that said right now I'm looking to target 3.14, because
by the time its done basically everyone is using 3.14 (Even Debian,
which is a big part of the decision I guess :))

- ikey

> On 18 February 2015 at 14:21, ikey <ikey at
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>     Reposting here because I posted to xfc-dev initially by mistake.
>     So, lets keep this short.
>     Is the decision to move to GTK3 still agreed on? This isn't
>     a pros/cons topic but a yes/no. The subject of Xfce came up
>     on Google+ earlier and looking through the git logs it seems
>     there is a less active development community nowadays.
>     Would you like help in getting Xfce ported to GTK?
>     If so, I'm sure I can rally up some more GTK3-orientated developers
>     on Google+, etc, to all give me a hand in getting some patches together
>     and dragging Xfce into GTK3 land.
>     Cheers,
>     Ikey Doherty
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