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Wed Feb 4 21:07:04 CET 2015

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 8:29 PM, Guido Berhoerster <gber at> wrote:

> * Peter de Ridder <peter at> [2015-02-04 20:12]:
> > The discussion on the gtk3 theme has come to an end.
> > What does this mean for the xfce gtk engine?
> >
> > The current state of the engine:
> > Gtk2 some fixes in the refresh branch since last release.
> > Gtk3 themes that worked ok until 3.4. The engine code needs to be checked
> > with the latest version.
> >
> > What should we do with the Gtk3 part of the engine?
> > Engine code:
> > 1) Drop it completely
> > 2) Fix the code to work with the latest versions
> > 3) Reduce the code to only the checkboxes. (The rest can probably be
> themed
> > directly)
> For recent GTK 3 versions there is nothing to fix, 3.14 dropped
> support for theme engines. You can only try to port the themes to
> CSS...
That would vote for a. Depening on what gtk version we settle for 4.14.

> > Themes:
> > a) Drop them
> > b) Leave them as is, and accept patches to get them fixed
> > c) Fix the assumed to be used ones (Dusk, Xfce 4.x series)
> >
> > I'll be willing to put some time in this, if we think that is the right
> way
> > to go.
> >
> > In my opinion the xfce engine serves two purposes, provide a default
> theme
> > (gtk2 default is ugly) and provide a light-weight engine for the low end
> > machines.
> ...however that is not a one time effort, as noted earlier, in the
> past every minor release introduced more or less breakage among
> themes. And changes affecting themes are not specifically
> documented, so you can only try to monitor changes to Adwaita and
> work by trial and error.
> <>

I know that this won't be one time. But I'll keep it open, in case we want
to keep supporting Gtk3 themes.
b won't be a real option as that would only work below 3.14.
So either a or c. Do we want to provide Gtk3 themes once we switch to gtk3
imo, a means this will be the last xfce release for the engine.
c means we want to keep providing (Gtk3) themes for future xfce releases.

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