two feature request for Orage Globaltime

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Wed Feb 4 12:30:28 CET 2015

Hi Luis,

I am curious about 2). What kind of format are you using with standard 
Xfce clock, which Orage can not do?
I believe Orage can do all formats except analog clock.

04.02.2015, 12:34, LUIS VALENZUELA kirjoitti:
> Hello there.
> First, thanks for the app. It is simple, elegant and useful!. Now, I 
> would like to make two features request for this app:
> 1) Start up option: it would be nice to have an option within the 
> Preferences menu to add Orage to the start up list. I know this can be 
> done in other ways but given the importance of the app (managing all 
> your appointments and so) it might be useful to have it there as an 
> option.
> 2) Calendar integration with Clock: normally, you would expect users 
> to have Orage *and* the standard xfce clock. Now, when you click on 
> the clock a calendar appears. This calendar is the same as the one of 
> Orage (I imagine Orage is based on it). However, that calendar is not 
> interactive. This seems to me a waste of resources and space. This 
> could be solved 1) if Orage is integrated in the clock's calendar, or 
> 2) if Orage has an option to display the date and time (currently it 
> can also display the date but it is not easy to read). In both cases 
> there would be only one item in the panel.
> These are not big issues and you can always find some workarounds but 
> a direct solution from Orage preferences would make things easier.
> Any comments welcome.
> Best,
> Luis.
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