two feature request for Orage Globaltime

Wed Feb 4 11:34:16 CET 2015

Hello there.

First, thanks for the app. It is simple, elegant and useful!. Now, I would
like to make two features request for this app:

1) Start up option: it would be nice to have an option within the
Preferences menu to add Orage to the start up list. I know this can be done
in other ways but given the importance of the app (managing all your
appointments and so) it might be useful to have it there as an option.

2) Calendar integration with Clock: normally, you would expect users to
have Orage *and* the standard xfce clock. Now, when you click on the clock
a calendar appears. This calendar is the same as the one of Orage (I
imagine Orage is based on it). However, that calendar is not interactive.
This seems to me a waste of resources and space. This could be solved 1) if
Orage is integrated in the clock's calendar, or 2) if Orage has an option
to display the date and time (currently it can also display the date but it
is not easy to read). In both cases there would be only one item in the

These are not big issues and you can always find some workarounds but a
direct solution from Orage preferences would make things easier.

Any comments welcome.

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