RFC on UX surveys on the session preference UI

Ángel González angel at xfce.16bits.net
Thu Nov 20 23:46:31 CET 2014

Steve Dodier-Lazaro wrote:
> Ah crap, I just sent it over.

I'm sure the label can be edited :)

> The point in Women Participation initiatives is of course not that
> Xfce (or any software) is easier or harder to use for a gender, but to
> empower women, by explicitly stating that people from all genders are
> welcome, and by setting up specific events or reward programs (i.e.
> reserved GSoC projects or bounties?) to encourage women to
> participate.
> Women are rarer than men in software development but it's also hard to
> join a community that is exclusively male (because of cultural
> expectations on men and women's competences, communities being
> organised according to cultural standards and values more spread among
> men, and so on) so explicit communication and encouragement can help
> interested people break the glass ceiling and join the community.

I approached it from "This is a survey about xfce usability, not about
participation in xfce communities"¹ Although thinking about it, I guess
it's possible that not seeing women in xfce forums discourages some
women from trying it. :/  Anyway, it was just a personal opinion about
the results I expected for that survey question.

Best regards

¹ However, the places where the survey gets advertised may result
precisely in that.

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