RFC on UX surveys on the session preference UI

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Ah crap, I just sent it over.

The point in Women Participation initiatives is of course not that
Xfce (or any software) is easier or harder to use for a gender, but to
empower women, by explicitly stating that people from all genders are
welcome, and by setting up specific events or reward programs (i.e.
reserved GSoC projects or bounties?) to encourage women to

Women are rarer than men in software development but it's also hard to
join a community that is exclusively male (because of cultural
expectations on men and women's competences, communities being
organised according to cultural standards and values more spread among
men, and so on) so explicit communication and encouragement can help
interested people break the glass ceiling and join the community.


2014-11-19 23:34 GMT+00:00 Ángel González <angel at 16bits.net>:
> Steve Dodier-Lazaro wrote:
>> I'd just like to ask for comments at this stage. Is there anything you
>> think is confusing or generally suboptimal about these two documents?
>> If I receive more positive than negative opinions, I'll send another
>> mail a bit later asking for publicity.
> Hi Steve,
> You may want to fix the typo on the phrase:
>> (to help us assess if we should to start a women participation
> initiative for Xfce)
> (both surveys)
> I don't really expect Xfce to be any harder for use for women, though
> (when normalised relative to Linux usage stats per gender).
> Cheers

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