Remove another "paper cut"?

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Sat Jan 18 17:39:08 CET 2014

On Sat, 18 Jan 2014 10:51:03 +0100
PK <pliniusminor at> wrote:

> For me, the main thing is that the logout dialog becomes more simple,
> and causes no confusion. I'm afraid that even a better description of
> the option and/or radio buttons, won't be enough to end the current
> confusion.

Adding a shortcut to save empty session might keep people away from
forums complaining about automatically launched applications on
startup, which was your concern in the original message.

> The "save session" option fits, in my opinion, therefore best in the
> Settings Manager. And there alone. Where everyone can find it if they
> want to....

A user may have two sessions: One session which he/she wants to save
each time on logout and another session that he/she does not want to
save, but keep empty. Settings in Setting Manager are same for
whichever session. It would be excessive awkward to modify the
setting each time there.

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