Remove another "paper cut"?

PK pliniusminor at
Thu Jan 16 10:29:21 CET 2014

For those who seek a workaround: you can apply this hack to remove this
option from Xfce on your computer yourself:
(item 3.6, right column)

Written for Xubuntu, but applicable in other distro's as well.

In the meantime, I hope that some core developer of Xfce will find the time
to respond to this issue.... :P

Regards, Pjotr.

2014/1/15 Jarno Suni <j_suni at>

> On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1:17 PM, PK <pliniusminor at> wrote:
> >So I think it would be a good idea to remove this option from the logout
> dialog. In my experience, saving a session is rarely ever useful at all.
> And you can still enable saving a session by the settings manager.
> >
> >What do you think?
> Actually, you can currently remove the option from the dialog: In settings
> you can choose "Automatically save session on logout". If
> you do that, the logout dialog does not display the check box "Save
> session for future logins". But that is of course not what you wanted.
> A distribution should be released with reasonable default settings for the
> users it is targeted for.
> I think it is handy, if you can choose in the logout dialog, whether Xfce
> will save session or not. Instead of having a checkbox "Save session for
> future logins" it could have radio buttons: "Retain session", "Update
> session" and "Clear session". The last option would not delete session, but
> make it empty of extra applications; the session could still be chosen in
> startup. The choice should be remembered for the session in question
> (optionally?). The dialog should display the name of the session.
> I think there should not be "Suspend" nor "Hibernate" in the log out
> dialog. The settings mentioned in the dialog do not apply to them. You can
> use Xfce Power Manager or Action Buttons (in panel), instead.
> In settings you can choose "Prompt on logout". If you do that, no option
> "Save session for future logins" nor even logout dialog will be displayd,
> if you choose "Log Out" in Applications menu or "Log Out..." in Action
> Buttons. I think that "Prompt on logout" setting should be removed; if you
> want to have an option to log out quickly, you can enable "Log Out" in
> Action Buttons (and even disable "Show confirmation dialog" in its
> properties).
> BTW How does user choose, whether or not session is saved, when he/she
> chooses "Shut Down"/"Restart"/"Log Out" in Action Buttons? Does it use the
> setting that would be shown in "Save session for future logins"? Which is?
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