Remove another "paper cut"?

Jarno Suni j_suni at
Wed Jan 15 19:31:55 CET 2014

On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1:17 PM, PK <pliniusminor at> wrote:

>So I think it would be a good idea to remove this option from the logout dialog. In my experience, saving a session is rarely ever useful at all. And you can still enable saving a session by the settings manager.
>What do you think?

Actually, you can currently remove the option from the dialog: In settings you can choose "Automatically save session on logout". If 
you do that, the logout dialog does not display the check box "Save 
session for future logins". But that is of course not what you wanted.

A distribution should be released with reasonable default settings for the users it is targeted for.

I think it is handy, if you can choose in the logout dialog, whether Xfce will save session or not. Instead of having a checkbox "Save session for future logins" it could have radio buttons: "Retain session", "Update session" and "Clear session". The last option would not delete session, but make it empty of extra applications; the session could still be chosen in startup. The choice should be remembered for the session in question (optionally?). The dialog should display the name of the session.

I think there should not be "Suspend" nor "Hibernate" in the log out dialog. The settings mentioned in the dialog do not apply to them. You can use Xfce Power Manager or Action Buttons (in panel), instead.

In settings you can choose "Prompt on logout". If you do that, no option "Save session for future logins" nor even logout dialog will be displayd, if you choose "Log Out" in Applications menu or "Log Out..." in Action Buttons. I think that "Prompt on logout" setting should be removed; if you want to have an option to log out quickly, you can enable "Log Out" in Action Buttons (and even disable "Show confirmation dialog" in its properties).

BTW How does user choose, whether or not session is saved, when he/she chooses "Shut Down"/"Restart"/"Log Out" in Action Buttons? Does it use the setting that would be shown in "Save session for future logins"? Which is?

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