New Xubuntu logo + permission to use on t-shirts (and later, some other merch items too)

Raphael Groner raphgro at
Sat Mar 24 12:40:16 CET 2012


this is the mailing list for Xfce development. I suggest you to better
ask directly at the Xfce Foundation for topics about merchandising.

xfce-foundation at

I am kindly forwarding this message by CC for you.

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at 
Fri Mar 23 22:53:29 CET 2012

> We are planning to design some Xubuntu t-shirts (and possibly some
> other merch items at a later date) to be sold on the internet in a
> shop like Spreadshirt or so, or a few. We will not be making any
> money out of it (we couldn't, Canonical policy), but we would like to
> check with you if it's okay to use our new logo that is very loosely
> based on the Xfce logo, on the shirts.

Please read the following archived mail of Christian. He talks about
exactly your topic.

> [1]

I don't get where people should see the connection to Xfce and/or
Ubuntu/Canonical. Xubuntu is now AFAIK a distribution completely
driven by the community. In past, there were also officially and partly
support from Canonical.
Personally, I don't like the logo. Why did you decide to restrict it


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